426 Etchpro - Single Pack

  • 426 Etchpro - Single Pack
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Please refer to the Technical Data Sheet: http://www.ppglic.com.au/uploads/tds/426%20Etch%20Pro%2002-07-2015.pdf

Etchpro is a single pack epoxy resin based etching primer with excellent adhesion to a large number of metal surfaces and is pigmented with chromate free anticorrosive pigments to maximize corrosion protection.  It comes in two colours; Black and Grey.
It can be used over a very large range of metal surfaces including mild steel, zinc plated steel, zincanneal, aluminium, chrome, galvanized iron, brass, copper, stainless steel, lead and alloys.

426 Etchpro can be used as a low film build conventional etching primer or as a metal primer at higher film builds.  Etchpro also adheres well to fiberglass.

Dust free             3-5 minutes
Dry to handle     20 minutes

426 Etchpro should be thinned with R103 All Purpose Thinners to a ratio of 1 part volume paint to 0.10 parts by volume thinners (10%).

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