304 Equipment Enamel - Single Pack

304 Equipment Enamel - Single Pack
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Please refer to the Techical Data Sheet for all iformation: http://www.ppglic.com.au/uploads/tds/304%20Equipment%20Enamel.pdf

304 Equipment Enamel is a general purpose spraying enamel based on a blend of alkyd resins and pigmented with the highest quality light fast pigments.  It is a moderately fast drying, high gloss, hard and durable coating suitable for all industrial applications.  It can be applied over most sound and properly prepared surfaces including metal and timber.
304 Equipment Enamel is suitable for finishing of sheet metal, agricultural machinery, earth moving equipment, vehicle chassis, trays, engines, electric motors etc.

426 Etch Pro, 426 Paralock, 426 Vinyl Etch Primer, 421 Etch Primer, 404 Auto Enamel Primer, 404 NS Primer, 402 Zinc Phosphate Primer, 411 Structural Primer

Dust free             10 minutes

Touch dry            30 minutes

Dry to Handle     45-60 minutes

Hard dry               24 hours

304 Equipment Enamel should be thinned with R303 Enamel Reducer to a ratio of 1 part volume paint to 0.30 parts by volume thinners (30%).

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