Fish Eyes / Cratering

Fish Eyes / Cratering

Fish eyes / cratering






  • Oil, wax, grease or silicone contaminations on the surface prior to spraying gives rise to these crater-like depressions with raised edges.
  • Contaminated air – compressed air or airborne substance.
  • Use of polishes or aerosol sprays containing silicone (tyres, moulds, and dashes).
  • Insufficient cleaning, contamination from grubby hands.



  • Clean surfaces properly with R123 wax and grease remover BEFORE repairing and refinishing – clean, sand, clean.
  • Silicone products have the ability to float large and long distances so application of silicone type products must be monitored.
  • Check that regular maintenance of oil and water separators on airlines is carried out.



  • If craters are few and very small, try polishing out.
  • Normally it is necessary to clean, sand and respray the job.
  • Only ever use silicone drops as a last resort.

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