Solvent Popping

Solvent Popping

Solvent popping






  • Solvent/air trapped in paint film, which then escapes leaving small bubble like marks. The most common cause is excessively high film build due to:


  • Too many or too heavy coats.
  • The hardener or thinner is too fast drying.
  • Incorrect spray gun nozzle.
  • Incorrect material viscosity (too thick)
  • Incorrect spraying pressure (too low).
  • Incorrect flash off times.
  • Drying oven has insufficient airflow.
  • Curing temperature too high.



  • Apply a normal film thickness by using the correct spraying viscosity, spraying pressure and spray gun nozzle.
  • Use a slower drying hardener and thinner.
  • Use the correct and recommended flash off times.
  • Check oven temperatures regularly.



  • In minor cases:
  • Sand with P2000 – P4000 grit wet or dry, then try to polish out using a recommended cutting compound.
  • Once dry, sand with P1000 – P2000 grit sandpaper and re-paint.
  • In severe cases:
  • Prime affected areas with primer surfacer, allow to dry then sand and re-spray with topcoat.

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