Clouding / Mottle

Clouding / Mottle

Clouding / Mottle






  • Disorientation of aluminium flakes due to:
  • Incorrect spraying viscosity, spraying technique, flash off times or spraying room temperature.
  • Defective spraygun nozzle, incorrect spraying pressure.
  • Wrong thinners used.



  • Adjust spraying viscosity accurately using a viscosity cup or mixing stick.
  • Spray with the spraygun parallel to the object.
  • Use the correct spray gun and nozzle for the coating.
  • Use only the thinners recommended by Protec.
  • Follow the Protec application recommendation in the technical data sheets.



  • Once thoroughly dry sand with P1000-P2000 grit and respray job.
  • If needed apply a set up coat on the final pass before clearing.

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