CC-9550 Carmaster GP 2 Pack Clearcoat

CC-9550 Carmaster GP 2 Pack Clearcoat
CC-9550 Carmaster GP 2 Pack Clearcoat CC-9550 Carmaster GP 2 Pack Clearcoat CC-9550 Carmaster GP 2 Pack Clearcoat
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CC-9550 CARMASTER GP 2 PACK CLEARCOAT is a two pack acrylic urethane clearcoat designed for use as a general smash repair clearcoat.  It is formulated to give good gloss off the gun and is easy to polish.  It is designed to be used for multi panel work and overall repainting.


Carmaster GP 2 Pack Clearcoat must be applied on top of a clean and dust-free Basecoat.  The use of a clean tack rag is recommended to remove dust from the basecoat film before clearcoating.

  • Fully cured 2 pack refinish clearcoats that have been degreased and sanded.
  • Sound Automotive OEM clearcoats that have been degreased and sanded.

Substrates other than those stated should be tested before use to ensure that the performance of the product is suitable for its intended use.



CC-9550 CARMASTER GP 2 PACK CLEARCOAT          2 Parts

CH-5200 or CH-5300 HARDENER                                    1 Part

CS-3800 REDUCER                                                          10%


POTLIFE - 1 hour at 20oc


SPRAY VISCOSITY @ 20oc - 16-18 Seconds (DIN4)



Nozzle                                           1.3mm - 1.4mm
Spray Pressure - HVLP/RP           2-3 bar
Spray Pressure - Conventional     45-55 PSI / 300-380 KPA



1st Coat                    Apply an even medium coat
Flash Off                    Flash off for 5-7 minutes @ 20oc
2nd Coat                   Apply an even wet coat



Bake Temperature                           65oc (metal temperature)
Bake Time                                        40 minutes

TOTAL DRY FILM BUILD                50-60 um

OVERCOAT / RECOAT PREP         P500 Dry or P800 Wet after baking

OVERCOAT / RECOAT TIME          Minimum 8 hours after bake

DE-NIBB & POLISHING                   Remove dirt if required using P1500 grit wet abrasive, then cut & polish using your preferred products


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